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Cabana Girl

I love renting little cabanas.  The pools are always private, and I hate to have to be nice when I get slicked up in oil and go to the pool.  See my waterside fun here in these photos.  You can watch me strip off my cute white bikini and oil up.  Then I pull out my glass dildo and have a bit of fun in the sun.  I get so wet before I ever even get into the water.  You can’t have fun like this at a public pool.  I know you guys wish you were my pool boy and could watch this show.  You can see the rest from where you are over at Dream Kelly where things get much hotter.

Dream Girl

I love being that dream girl, giving you guys a glimpse into your favorite fantasies.  Today, I decided that what every man needs is a woman who is open about her sexuality.  We’re all sexual creatures, and I’m no exception.  So out to the backyard i went.  The umbrella gave me some great shade, so I decided to get naughty in one of my big comfy outdoor chairs.  Glass and pyrex toys are my favorite, and I just happened to have one on hand.  Things got a little dirty after that, but you’ll have to go to Dream Kelly to see the rest.


p>I am in love with those old, vintage pinup pictures that soldiers used to keep in their foot lockers.  They printed them on postcards and sold them by mail order or out of little shops.  The outfits were skimpy, and the models had a lot of class.  They looked like they had a lot of fun too!  I wanted to channel my inner pinup, so I put on this vaguely vintage getup and my big sunglasses.  Watch me strike a pose on the grass like those old pinup girls.  They were a little more innocent than me, and I broke form for some naughty fun.  You can see the rest on Dream Kelly.

In The Sand

Getting to play in the sand made me feel like a kid again.  I like to get silly and have fun.  Having that beach feeling also made for some very sexy photos, if I do say so myself.  Do you like them as much as I do?  If you want to see how wild it gets in the sand, go over to Dream Kelly where I have the whole set.

Cute Bikini

Even though I look super fit, I love being a beach bum.  Laying out in the sun, slicking tanning lotion on my body, and the general excuse to wear as little clothing as possible appeals to me.  I really wanted you guys to see my new bikini.  If you want to see all the treasures under it, the full photo set is at Dream Kelly .